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UPROSPECT MVP Launch: Prospecting Simplified - $1 Billion Market Cap

UPROSPECT MVP Launch: Prospecting Simplified - $1 Billion Market Cap

Michael C. Bertoni, Founder & CEO

I’m launching UPROSPECT and it’s my vision to help 1 million people in the next 7 years with prospecting, lead generation and getting a better job as well as create the first $1 billion dollar market cap software company in Philadelphia (1 million users / $50 million in revenue / 20x Earnings). These goals are lofty, but attainable.

GET UPROSPECT FOR FREE. We’re looking for 50 users who will get UPROSPECT for free and join our beta program.

UPROSPECT is software that EVERYONE needs and if you’re trying to get more leads, meetings and opportunities for you or your business it will increase this by 300%.

UPROSPECT gives you the ability to create a radically new and better way to build, view and share digital content that gets results using a Digital CV. The Digital CV is using the latest concepts in User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) Design in order to differentiate you and your brand from everyone else.

Research shows that 500+ million people need UPROSPECT and this number is growing.

Research indicates that in the next 10 years a larger percentage of people will be working for themselves. Research also shows that most full time workers want a better job that matches who they are AND they have a side hustle AND they really want to have their own business. The research is also very clear on why most businesses fail. It’s simply because they can’t sell.

When you hear a tech or software company that failed say, “We couldn’t find product market fit†or “We ran out of money†or the big one “We couldn’t get funded†or any number of other reasons, what they really mean most of the time is “We couldn’t sell or we don’t know how to sell.â€

UPROSPECT solves these problems and I want to help 1 million people with these sales and lead generation problems.

In the last 4 weeks with the Coronavirus situation my business lost roughly 60% of its monthly revenue. Instead of complaining or getting angry I went to work doing what I do best - prospecting - and in the process I generated about 20 new opportunities in 4 weeks. Will they all happen? No, but some of them will come in when things start to normalize.

On top of this I’m launching a Master Course on Prospecting and Lead Generation on Thinkific. I have goals to generate $25K in the next 2 months with this course and fund UPROSPECT with these dollars.

If you are a business owner, consultant, entrepreneur, contractor, side hustler, salesperson, marketing person or anyone involved in selling products or services UPROSPECT is for you.

If you are working in a full time job UPROSPECT is for you.

Click on my UPROSPECT Digital CV below to see it in action.

GET UPROSPECT FOR FREE. We’re looking for 50 users who will get UPROSPECT for free and join our beta program.

Best regards,

Digital CV | Michael C. Bertoni | Founder & CEO | UPROSPECT |

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