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Optimizing LinkedIn Profile for Startup Founders

Learn from the CEO of PhillyTech about optimizing your linkedIn profile for startup founders.

This is a response to Sean Murphy's question to Michael Bertoni on Philadelphia Startup Leaders (PSL) Listserv about optimizing your LinkedIn profile. Philadelphia Startup Leaders is one of the largest hubs for tech in Philly. To learn more about PSL go here.

I'm using my LinkedIn Profile as a guide for this Blog.

Sean Murphy's Questions:

Do you have a general checklist you can share for improving a LinkedIn profile for:

  1. A Startup Founder / CEO

Optimize your background banner by using a free tool like Canva. - the best dimensions are 1584 by 396. The banner needs to be simple, clean and align with your company brand and your headline in your LinkedIn Profile.

Optimize your Professional Headshot.

Spend some money to get a professional headshot.

Optimize your Name and Title.

This process takes a little bit of time to master, but go to Edit Intro and use what I did below. This will separate your profile from everybody else

It then looks like this below in LinkedIn...

Optimize your summary section of your LinkedIn Profile

Put things at the top of the summary that make it easy for people to meet with you and go to your main brands - ie - most important (schedule a free consultation link), Secondary (Meetup Link).

Be very clear on who you are, what you do and your value proposition.

Repeat the most important.

Add in digital content at the bottom of your summary.

Optimize your jobs in your LinkedIn Profile.

Repeat content in the summary to your first job - sometimes people just look at the summary and others skip it and go to the 1st job

Make sure your jobs are in chronological order and show good information about what you did during these jobs.

Link companies to your jobs.

Make sure you link your companies in your profile to companies in LinkedIn. The worst thing is when your company has no image associated with it. I even created a company for my Meetup.

Make sure education is up to date and written well.

Add in any volunteer experience.

Ask for recommendations from your clients.

I could be doing better with this.

Make sure your accomplishments are up to date.

2. For a freelancer



If you are doing Freelancing, Set up a company for your freelancing and add-in.

Things that make it easy for people to meet with you - ie website, Calendy, etc

Be very clear on who you are, what you do, and your value proposition.

3. Do you have auxiliary or supplemental support systems or tools that you use to help you manage your network of +14,000 contacts? My network is only 1/10 the size of yours but I am looking for systems to help me add more value for folks asking for introductions, to provide useful introductions to new folks that I meet based on folks I am already connected with, and to proactively connect folks that I am connected to ("networking weaving").

Use or pay for LinkedIn Navigator.

Download your connections and bring them into a free CRM like Hubspot CRM.

Download your connections and create a Google sheet and use it like a poor man's CRM.

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